Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Where is the ceremony?
A: Buffalo Canoe Club at 4475 Erie Rd, Ridgeway ON L0S 1N0

Q: Where is the reception?
A: Buffalo Canoe Club, Reception to immediately follow Ceremony

Q: What time should I arrive?
A: We would like everybody to be seated by approx. 3:45pm

Q: Do I have to mail back my RSVP or can I RSVP online?
A: We decided to accept RSVP online and by phone/text. Please see the "RSVP" tab on the website or call/text the Bride, Teanna at 1-403-688-3740

Q:When should I RSVP by?
A: Please RSVP by August 16th, 2018

Q: What is the dress code for your wedding?
A: Beach-Formal

Q: Are there any colours you would prefer me not to wear?
A: Only the usual white/ivory

Q: Will there be a shuttle to and/or from the hotel?

Q: Have you reserved hotel room blocks?
A: Yes, at the Clarion Hotel in Fort Erie - please see the "Travel" tab on the website

Q: Are there any local places you’d recommend I visit while I’m in town?
A: Depending on your interests, just ask the bride!

Q: Is there parking available near the ceremony and reception venues?
A: Yes, lots of parking on site. Overflow parking on the road if required

Q: Can I bring a plus one?
A: We have named all invited guests on the invitation to avoid any confusion

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Due to many considered factors and circumstances, only immediate family child members will be in attendance. We have named all invited guests on the invitation to avoid any confusion - We truly hope you can still attend and celebrate with us!

Q: Will the ceremony be taking place indoors or outdoors?
A: Outdoors; as long as the weather co-operates. If Mother Nature decides to shed a few teary rain drops, we have a back-up plan where we will be ushered to an indoor location on-site

Q: Will the reception be taking place indoors or outdoors?
A: Indoors; however, the club house is located on the beach with access to an outdoor licensed lawn and patio. A camp fire and lawn games will be available all evening for guest entertainment

Q: What type of food will be served?
A: Delicious food!! Stuffed Chicken, Beef Tenderloin or a Vegetarian Pasta dish

Q: Will there be vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free food options?

Q: Can I take pictures and/or post photos of your wedding on social media?
A: Of course! We are having an unplugged ceremony (we promise to share ALL the photos) - HOWEVER - before and after the ceremony, take as many photos as you possibly can! If you use social media, please use the hashtag #betterleytethannever

Q: What time is the reception scheduled to end?
A: When they kick us out! ... however, mostlikely 1am

Q: Is there someone I can contact if I have any other questions about the wedding?
A: Please contact the Bride, Teanna at 403-688-3740 or tea_cous@hotmail.com
Jennifer Postorino